Been a Bit Busy


I know it has been some time. But, I have actually been productive with writing a story with a friend and so that has kept me away. However, I do want to get working on some other writing projects as well. I have more story ideas that I want to start brainstorming and fleshing out. Apart from that, I want to start using my free time at work to jot down some words that I can use as a theme so I could perhaps free write on this blog at some point.

Freewriting has always been a useful tool for me and I want to use it to help me get my words out. Of course, editing is crucial too. But, I just want to get things going so I can actually build on it.

I need to start somewhere, right?

My problem is that I have so many ideas and not much time to work on them, so I lose time. That is why I am really going to try and make better use of it.

I think I will start with simple exercises that will help me get into the flow. For example, I was thinking of practicing descriptive writing. Take a scene and just describe it with words. Maybe throw in some people or animals. Who knows? It could become a story of its own. I already have an idea with some of places that I have seen even in recent memory.

So, tomorrow, I will check back in with a description of scenery. Let’s see if I can form a narrative with it. Even if I can’t, at least I am trying to practice.

Besides, writing is like a muscle. If you never exercise it, you will lose it.

Today’s Post is Filler

Sorry, I didn’t get around to writing a whole lot today. I wanted to get to it, but my mind needed a bit of a break.

When that happens, I try to settle in and watch something that I find enjoyable. Today, I continued on with the current season of Netflix’s Grace and Frankie.  I absolutely adore this show. The characters are wonderful. Of course, I love seeing Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin together as well as Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston.

Anyway, I always find it to be a good idea to watch a narrative that explores characters at their best and at their worst. Yesterday, I was considering conflict and the thought kept blooming in my mind as I watched this show.

Sometimes, it is nice to take a moment to read or watch something that could later inform the way I write. Maybe, I’ll consider the ways in which the characters interact and create drama between themselves. Besides, no matter what kind of work I am doing, the characters are still people. Regardless of genre, it is important for me to keep them and their struggles human.

Music Lights My Way

Let me take a moment to give a shout out to music. Without it, I don’t know what I would do or how I would get through days where I feel as if I am at my worst.

Even a week ago, I had an awful experience at work that caused me to feel a bit of anxiety mostly because of how I get treated by a micromanaging co-worker of mine. She nitpicks everything I do and always has to point out the wrongs in my work and it doesn’t help that I don’t have friends or anyone to really connect with. So, it is just me and the wanna-be boss.

Last week, I realized I wanted to change my career path so I can focus on writing. However, it takes time to move on from the place I am currently stuck in.

Despite this feeling of dread and anxiety, I have one ally that has not let me down once. That ally is music.

Sure. I don’t listen to pop music so much, but what I do listen to is Symphonic Metal.

I listen to bands like Epica, Nightwish, Within Temptation, Kamelot, and Tarja. There are more but these ones are my all time favorites. For those who may know Nightwish and Tarja, yes, I counted them separately for a reason.

Anyway, these bands inspire me since a lot of their songs carry emotional journeys within them that make my mind wonder in awe. When I listen to these bands, I always get ideas for writing.

Considering my recent epiphany, I have a feeling their music will continue to light my way.